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Imaginair black


Features - Imaginair black - TRV-SG-010

Imaginair is the showpiece of Trivio. With its sharp and aerodynamic design this is the favorite sports glasses for the most driven cyclists. The aero-flow circulation air flow reduces the excitation of the lenses drastically. Lenses are made of polycarbonate and are tested according to international CE standard and surpass herein the highest quality with UV400 label. Imaginair comes with yellow and transparent lenses next to dark blue mirror coating lenses. These can be used in cloudy weather or on dark winter nights. The ergonomically shaped top-grip nose and ear pieces ensure a comfortable fit. The Imaginair comes with a hard top case and soft microfiber pouch. If you are looking for robust glasses that combine a competitive look with the ultimate protection. Trivio Imaginair will undoubtedly be your choice.